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Culver Smiles was founded with the mission to give back to the community. 

Featured Shoots

Your Family. Your Time. Your Story.

We are a family portrait company that understands your family and your time is precious. That is why we at Culver Smiles have fifteen-minute, easy-to-book portrait sessions that deliver high-quality professional photographs.

Book a slot

Registering for a family photo shoot has never been easier! Simply click BOOK and choose the best time and location for your family. Pay your booking fee and look out for your confirmation email.

Get the details

Your confirmation email will have all the info on getting your family ready for a successful shoot. Review the photoshoot guide as there are many helpful tips and ideas! Need help along the way? Call or email anytime!

Make memories

Prepare the family by sending good vibes! Arrive a little early to get settled and comfortable. Meet your photographer at the meeting spot and get started. Our fifteen minutes photoshoot passes in the blink of an eye, but your family will have photos to last a lifetime.

“These look awesome! Great job again!"


Culver City, CA

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